Grape Mocktail with Sammi



Photo by: Michaela Tornaritis (top) Photo by: Bernadette Mira (bottom)

There are many people who I have followed on YouTube. Over time, I noticed that I would eventually get bored and lose interest. Samantha Maria is not one of those YouTubers. When I first stumbled upon Sammi’s  YouTube page originally know as Beauty Crush, I immediately felt inspired and drawn to her genuine personality. I would have to say, almost embarrassingly, that I have spent hours watching her beauty and personal daily vlogs.

Not only is Sammi classy and genuine, but she emanates confidence. Being who I am, I am very drawn to people, women in particular who embrace who they are and are willing to share it with the world. I feel that it’s easy for women to feel embarrassed or unfortunately disgusted with how they look. Whether that be having a bad nights sleep and waking up to puffy bags underneath the eyes or feeling fat and not liking the way you look. Yet, with Sammi, she is completely honest about it. She embraces those days of feeling “ugly” or not “perfect” and isn’t afraid to share it with people. I admire that. So, thank you Sammi for being completely you and sharing that with young women around the world.

Now on to the recipe. Sammi’s bomber jacket that is detailed with pink flowers and a touch of green inspired me to make a Grape Mocktail. I wanted to create a recipe as classy as Sammi. I thought that adding a touch of citrus would suit this recipe. Citrus can brighten up any dish and I relate that to Sammi’s bubbly personality. Unintentionally, my boyfriend ended up noticing in the photo I took of the mocktail, that the shape of the mint sprig was similar to Sammi’s shape and how she was walking. Funny that it turned out that way.  Please enjoy this recipe and let me know how you liked it. Feel free to make this as a cocktail too. I will leave information for that in the ingredients section below.


Serves 1-2


-4 ice cubes

-1-2 cups of frozen concord grapes

-dash of ginger spice or fresh ginger

-1 tbsp of finely chopped mint

-half of a lime zest and juice

-1/2 cup of sparkling water (San Pellegrino)

-1/2 cup of grape juice or grape soda

-opt. 5 ml in mini cup  The Genuine Curaçao Liqueur in green

Cook’s Notes: Feel free to add more liquid if it’s too slushy.


1. In a blender, blend all the ingredients together and serve in classy cocktail glass.

2. Top it off with a mint sprig for style.








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    1. Isn’t she just the greatest?! I’ve always have wanted to meet her. Maybe one day. 🙂 Thank you for responding fellow Sammi fan.
      Best wishes to you!<3


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